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The National Broadband Network is a great idea, but unfortunately getting it working can confuse and upset the best of us. We have done many NBN setups, every job is different but the main problem is the lack of service the telco can deliver over a telephone line - this is why boots on the ground is always best. We offer two home visits for our flat rate fee - a home visit meet and greet to advise you on the best service/plan to purchase and a set up consultation at a later date to make sure everything is working and you are happy with your new service. Conditions are listed below (footer link).

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Paul Sherriffs (Mac After Dark owner)

has 15 years experience with IT computers and internet networks, both with Macs and PCs - his experience let’s him translate technical terms into plain English and layman terms - he can advise what the best path is to get your NBN service up and running.

As the owner of NBN 4 you he will take over your project and talk to the internet provider in their language, saving you hours of phone calls and frustration. Paul is a Internet and Macintosh specialist and has a boutique repair business, with an emphasis on service, especially in the home service area, he offers the same level of care for all his clients. Happy to help is his own personal motto.

Paul Sherriffs, NBN 4 you


No matter what time it is, early in the morning or late in the evening, Mac After Dark is there for me. Not sure why I always have issues outside of 9am-5pm but to know I can contact Paul and get a response almost immediately gives me peace of mind. I have no idea what I would do without him and hopefully never will.


Cannot recommend Mac After Dark enough!

Karen R

A happy customer.

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